• ❖  FILL IN THE SLOGAN BLANKS BELOW THAT APPEAL TO YOUYou can use or adapt one of the given examples AND/OR come up with your own choices

    You can use COMMAND/REMINDER mode (e.g. Embrace your…) or in AFFIRMATION mode (e.g. I embrace my…)

  • ❖  Options: Write your slogans in your journal and/or make them into captivating, small or large, stickers or signs andpost them in your everyday life – mirror, phone, dashboard, desktop, fridge, etc.


1. LET ________IN (examples: Others, Nature, Sounds, Love, Beauty, Healing,…) 

2. TRY_________(examples: Tenderness, Fearlessness, Openness, Excellence…) 

3. EMBRACE (or: BEFRIEND) YOUR _______ (Whole Self, Vulnerability, Strengths, Frailties, Roots…) 

4. LEAN INTO YOUR __________ (Love, Courage, Strength, Flow, Vision, Pain…) 

5. THINK AND ACT ___________(Inclusively, Mindfully, Lovingly, Bravely, Systemically …) 

6. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, I SIMPLY _______(eat, walk, listen, etc.) WHEN I ______(eat, walk, listen, etc.) 

7. I’M STAYING________(Awake, Connected, Real, On my Heart Path…) AS MUCH AS I CAN 

8. I CAN BE MY _______(Best, True, Whole, Natural, Loving, Connected, Collective…) SELF A LITTLE MORE TODAY 

9. I SHOW UP FOR _________(Dignity, Enough, Justice, Freedom…) FOR ALL 

10. _________(I, You, We All, All Species, Everything…) BELONG HERE 

11. WE ARE _______ (Waking up, Rising up, Building Community, Transforming this mess…) TOGETHER 

12. FLEX YOUR ________MUSCLES (TODAY) (resilience, courage, integrity, kindness…) 

12. KEEP (or: HONOR) YOUR __________ (aim, vision, priorities, values…) 

13. I’M (WE’RE) NOT GIVING UP ON _________(you, us, my vision, our vision, a just world, etc.)